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This Video Of A Mother/Son Surprising John Cena After He Unknowingly Inspired Them Is An All Time Tear-Jerker

I'm not sure how recent this video is, because John Cena is wearing his merchandise from a few years ago, but it came across my timeline this morning and had me absolutely sobbing in my Uber to work. Just could not control myself.

I mean, what a move - reversing the classic "John Cena Surprise" and having John on the receiving end of a surprise for once….

….it was tremendous. Shoutout to that lil kid and his mom for making that moment so special.

John Cena has granted more 'Make-A-Wishes' for sick kids than anybody on the planet (by a longshot), and I'm sure the stuff that he's had to hear over the years is extremely heavy, so you really have to commend him for doing what he does. This man is a true inspiration and hero to so many thousands upon thousands of kids out there. Gotta love it.

P.S. Here's another video that made me smile this morning….