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Wake Up With Dick Butkus Ripping People's Heads Off

It's Illinois Nebraska week here at Barstool Chicago which means highlight videos and mixtapes and unnecessary expectations. That's how you get ready for Big Ten college football when you win 25% of your games over the last 9 seasons. Not that anyone's counting. I'm just saying this Saturday marks a new era for the University of Illinois football and you have about 3 days to emotionally commit. Don't show up mid November with a Champs Sports bowl appearance hanging in the balance. I want you on board right now. 

To get there, we're doing big time nostalgia this week. Rashard Mendenahll Monday. Juice Williams Tuesday. Dick Butkus Wednesday. One of the all time greats and the bonafide pride of the Illinois football program. My only regret is we don't have more footage of him splitting people's heads open. That would be legit. 

Instead we have to settle for this well produced and high quality introspective look at his time at Illinois. If this doesn't get your juices flowing then you have no romanticism for sport. It would probably suck to be you. 

Bick Butkus was awesome.