Let's Check In On The Kentucky Basketball Program Real Quick

Wonder if Reags is going to blog this today too. Or maybe he just leans into Marco Scutaro content all day because that's the kind of mistake he needs to beat Chicago in trivia. He needs my brain flaring up on Scutaro while Miguel Tejada's 2013 season plays tricks with me. Good one Reags. Enjoy the victory. 


Just a friendly reminder that Kentucky absolutely fucking sucked last year. I would rather shoot myself in the face with a cannon from WW1 than openly cheer for that disgusting skeeze bag slime ball. He's completely running Kentucky into the ground and guys like Reags just stand around enjoying it. Makes me sick. 

Oh well. At least I have Brad Underwood and Kofi Cockburn. Did you hear Kofi was horsing around on campus with some fellow students? Yeah Reags blogged about that too. Guy blogs about everything. Maybe next one up can be how much Kentucky sucks at winning basketball games. 

For more context: