The Patterns On These New Adirondack Thunder Jerseys Are Beyond Nuts

I want that one soooooooooo bad. 

This sweater has to cost at least $2000. But the craziest thing about it? It's my exact style. I feel like hockey jerseys these days all try to play it too safe. The patterns barely crisscross at all. Everybody just wants to keep it simple. Long gone are the days of the Bruins pooh bear, the Dallas Stars mooterus, the Los Angeles Burger Kings. But the pattern on this Adirondack Thunder sweater? It's nuts. We're talking $3000 out the door. And the guys on the Adirondack Thunder look a lot like me. 

The only thing I'll say, though, is that if you're heading over to the Shops at the Creek to try to get your hands on one of these jerseys, make sure you bring an enforcer with you. Last thing you want to do is end up getting tossed down a set of stairs.