Redskins vs Titans "Please Can We Beat Charlie Whitehurst And His Beautiful Hair?" Live Blog

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Bizarro world Johnny Depp is the Titans starting QB today. I wish I wasn’t scared, but Whitehurst is the most electrifying man in sports entertainment since The Rock. Combine that with the Skins heroically terrible secondary, and this game has Titans blow out written all over it. However. HOWEVER. That’s just what he wants you to think. He’s playing mind games, and I’m one level above. He has his pretty little hair, but nothing else. Even Superman himself sometimes needed some help. I will never say a bad word about Whitehurst, but the Titans stink. The Redskins can’t possibly lose at home to these turds, Whitehurst as the diamond in the shit field. No way no how*. Redskins roll 24-13.


*Editors note: I’ve seen them lose this game 100 times