Orioles Fans Booed Brandon Hyde For Intentionally Walking Shohei Ohtani Because Opposing Players Are The Only Reason To Watch Orioles Games Anymore

Are you kidding me with this Brandon Hyde? This Orioles team may be the worst baseball team I've ever set my eyes on, you're down 8-1, they were getting ready to lose their 19TH STRAIGHT GAME and you have 7,000 people in the ballpark. Guess who they're there to see? Shohei Ohtani. So while the Angels are kicking your teeth in and the game is pretty much over, you decide to walk Ohtani? He is the sole reason fans are in the ballpark today! And you walk him? No wonder why Chris Davis tried to fight him a few seasons back, no wonder the boo birds came out hard. Seriously, give the people what they want. Don't take an Ohtani AB away from the people. Os fans are going to the ballpark this week just to see if Ohtani can hit the warehouse, but Brandon Hyde robbed them of such. It's not like the game is close, who cares if he hits a homer, the O's are already dead in the water, give the fans what they want and let the fans see Ohtani. I have 0 problem with fans booing this move, should be a fireable offense. And yeah, it worked out and they got David Fletcher to ground out, but who cares? We want to see Ohtani go big fly. What a soft, soft move. I'm with the fans letting the boo birds out for this move. Still ended up getting clobbered, let the guy hit.