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A Guy Getting Slammed Through a Table at a Bills Mafia Wedding Takes You Into the Evening

Remember how great the opening scenes of "Wedding Crashers" were, because it quickly established John and Jeremy's friendships and how special a time of year wedding season was in their lives?

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Take that kinship and that level of excitement, multiply it by a billion, and you might get about half the emotion The Bills Mafia is feeling right now. Football is not only back, the Bills are a contender once again. Defending division champs even. And they get to tailgate again. Few if any group of people lost a greater part of their culture last than these beautiful souls. And it's good to see them getting back into Rock Bottom shape once again. 

So let's raise a glass to the groom who asked for this. The guest/groomsman who willingly allowed himself to be the guest of honor at this Collapsing Table for One. The bride in the Josh Allen jersey who gave this her blessing on her special day. And the DJ who went above and beyond the duty of simply playing the hits that keep the dance floor filled. We could all wish these two crazy kids well, but they don't need our blessings. A love like this will last for all eternity.