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Kacey Musgraves Is Selling Stick-On Tears And Handkerchiefs For Sad Girl Fall (Dramatic Girls Only)

Guys may not know this, but girls secretly love crying. Any girl, even the least self obsessed one you know, has absolutely taken a selfie while crying because she 1. thinks it looks pretty 2. is sending it as a joke to her friends 3. she wants people to know she knows how to show emotion 4. she wants sympathy. Thanks to Kacey Musgraves, we don't have to ACTUALLY cry anymore. We can just stick on the tears!

These look basically the same as stick on earrings, a crowd favorite for those under the age of 12 without their ears pierced. The added handkerchief is an extra plus - Kacey wants us to embrace our inner drama and play it up as much as possible. This is likely because she just went through a divorce, and she's coming out with a new "very sad" album. Kacey's sad ass album, combined with the rerelease of Red (Taylor's Version) is going to send us all into a deep, dark hole. Kacey's out here telling us it's going to be okay. We're going to get through this by wearing our emotions on our sleeves (and face,) so everyone knows exactly what's up. 

It's weird that no one has thought of this market before now. It's so lucrative! Maybe not the tears, but some merch or something? Huh. I bet if they did, and copyrighted it, it'd make a boat load of money.