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Want A FREE Entry To Win $25,000 Tonight? Then Join Our #RnR15 Play Barstool Contest Before 930 PM

Are you a fan of money, violence, and 3 hours of fun on Friday nights? Well then join our #RnR15 contest on Play Barstool AKA picking these 5 fights to walk out of your living room as a $25,000 CHAMPION... TONIGHT. 

At the very least someone is guaranteed to become $1,000 richer so there's NO reason not to use your free entry. We have had contest winners before and really where else are you gonna be able to pick a 4'4'' vs 4'5'' matchup or watch a former NFL star fight against a (5-0) champion from the streets of Braintree? LET'S GET INTO THE FINAL 5 FIGHTS TONIGHT...


We were supposed to see this matchup at RnR 14 for the Women's Title but HOT WHEELZ fucked up her wrist while training and CHERRY BOMB walked away with an easy win. But now they're set on a collision course for Friday night and this is truly 1 of the tougher matches to predict for RnR 15…

There's no doubt CHERRY BOMB is 1 of the baddest motherfuckers RnR has ever seen and she's always brought pure fury to the ring. But she's also never faced off against someone with superior speed & reach like HOT WHEELZ has. They're also competing against each other in the Ring Girl contest and I'm really hoping CB brings her katana to the ring this time. 

Prediction: HOT WHEELZ in 3 rounds by decision


For our BMFD title fight we have a new challenger who may finally show DYNAMITE something he hasn't seen in the ring before. RnR has had high flyers & former WWE champions take on the Champ so far and nobody has come close to beating him. But can he keep up with the pure speed of COWBOY KIDD QUICK on Friday night? 

COWBOY has clearly been training his ass off and there's a good chance he makes it to the 3rd round, but I don't think August 27th will be the night the world's strongest dwarf loses his BMFD belt.

Prediction: DYNAMITE in 2 rounds by KO


SUPREME PATTY has wanted to fight with us since RnR 13 and even had an agreement with Lil Xan this spring to enter our ring. But as little bitches will do, Xan dropped out and someone else had to step up after SUPREME put out the call for a new challenger. I didn't expect 1000+ people to line up within 24 hours of that callout and although I would've loved to see him fight TRAILER PARK, you can never underestimate the pure disrespect of a well placed crying face emoji… 

SUPREME has been training for months, DANCING DAN has been training for weeks… I'm not so sure we're gonna be seeing any celebratory dances in the ring on Friday night. 

Prediction:SUPREME PATTY in 1 round by KO


Our resident adrenaline junkie/pure psychopath CHEF DONNY has stepped up to take on CHEF QCP for the pride of all internet chefs + anyone who completely despises TikTok stars. He wanted Bryce Hall in his original callout and maybe that's the match that happens next, but on Friday night it will be BARSTOOL vs TIKOK in a big way. 

Will August 27th be the season finale of #DieTrying or will CHEF DONNY shock the TikTok world and put that fraud Italian cook to sleep? Don't forget you can pick all these main events on for a FREE entry to win $25,000

Prediction:CHEF DONNY in 3 rounds by KO


AND WELCOME TO THE MAIN MAIN EVENT… This matchup has been brewing bad blood since May and although it's 1 of the most random things Barstool has ever done, it's also 1 of the most awesome. Pretty unbelievable we got PACMAN JONES stepping into our ring to fight our most decorated brawler ever LIGHTS OUT, a (5-0) monster who's defeated the greatest champions we've ever had. But PACMAN hasn't showed an ounce of fear yet…

And before any of you complain about a shitbag ratfuck Jose Canseco situation happening again just FYI we DO have a morality clause in every RnR contract now. Truthfully I think PACMAN would be willing to just do this fight in the parking lot so I have no doubt he's coming to put on a show this Friday night. 

Can LIGHTS OUT become our 1st ever (6-0) champion? Will PACMAN JONES find another level with Coach Don PRIME King in attendance? Only 1 way to find out and that's on (with 48 hour replay)

Prediction: LIGHTS OUT in 2 rounds by KO