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Everson Griffen Re-Signs With The Vikings And Immediately Had To Apologize For Calling Kirk Cousins Ass This Past Offseason

Welcome back to Minnesota, Everson! He was a good player, no doubt about it. Spent 10 years with Minnesota before leaving as a free agent. Well he's back after a year and immediately had to apologize for calling Kirk Cousins ass. 

I don't know why but calling someone ass always makes me laugh. I also just picture Kirk Cousins seeing that tweet back in January and just having that confused look on his face baffled as to why Everson Griffen would say such a thing. There may not be a more polarizing quarterback than Kirk Cousins. I'm still baffled he threw for 35 touchdowns last year, but then I remember he threw 15 of them against the Lions, Cowboys, Panthers and Jags. He lights up subpar teams. But to Everson Griffen in January? He was ass. 

Nothing like having to come back and immediately apologize. I'll give Griffen credit though. He owned up to it. He didn't backtrack or say he was hacked. He said he'd apologize and move on. Hard to argue with that logic and tactic. That said, I do think calling a fellow player 'ass' is the biggest insult you can give. It's harsher than saying they are bad. It's meaner than saying you can't win with them. It just cuts perfectly.