I Need These Limited Edition Wawa Sneakers Like A Drunk Delco Bridesmaid Needs A Chicken Tendies Cheesy Mac Bowl At 2am

After a teaser this morning..

..they're here and they're beautiful:

- Wawa laces, insoles, tongues (can't go wrong with Wawa on the tongue, amiright folks ha ha)

- 'Est. 1964' on the sides (fun fact, when I lived in my Aunt Peggy's basement after my divorce it was right down the block from the original location, what a thrill)

- Bright colors & clean lines, sort of like retro Phillies jersey meets sizzli packaging

- Teeny, tiny geese

- Hoagie-inspired shoebox

- Sturdy outsole perfect for keeping your balance on a Flurricane spilled all over that Wawa linoleum flooring

But don't get your hopes up… (They weren't up, Kate. I'm from not Philly-area town where we all know some shitty convenience store is actually way better than Wawa. Stop making it your personality, it's not a personality). Anywho, the odds you'll snag a pair for yourself are slim as only 10 pairs are being made as part of a sweepstakes. 

From Wawa:

…Wawa is offering ten lucky people a chance to win a limited edition first-ever Wawa sneaker made in collaboration with local Philadelphia company, and sneaker designer and manufacturer, Garrixon. More than a factory, Garrixon’s goal is to bring partners together to build a more inclusive footwear community. The sneaker takes the classic Nike Air Max 90 running shoe and updates it with graphics, colors and accents inspired by the Wawa brand…

Clearly I'm not good at this 'no free ads' thing. But what can I say, I was excited about shoes I won't win. 

That being said, I don't like to brag or make things about myself (lolz) but this reminded me of a super-viral Tweet of mine five years ago that won me tickets to an Eagles/Falcons game where I partied my fucking face off and… (I brought my mom and we had hoagies in the lot and lovely conversation with the family seated next to us & then left before the fourth quarter to avoid traffic. #wholesome). 

In closing, shout out to the creatives at Garrixon for making yet another awesome pair of sneakers and in the process, showing their loyalty to the best convenience sto… wait a minute… Mother of God… they're stunning