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This Fan Absolutely Fumbled the Bag Against The Freeze

Regardless of whether the Braves win or lose, you are always guaranteed to have an awesome time at Truist Park if for no other reason than watching the two most electric in-game promos in baseball: the Home Depot Tool Race and The Freeze. And I don't know if the legend Phil the Bucket won the Tool Race last night, but as you can see, we had an all-time choke job against The Freeze.

How do you keep a lead — that's given to you via a head start, but still — on The Freeze all the way to the end and then have such an epic collapse? Very tough scenes.

I have long said every contestant is doing this race incorrectly, though. You get the length of the Braves' bullpen as a head start, regardless of how long it takes you to run it. Every one of these guys should start out walking into a jog and slowly increase their speed before they hit full stride when the head start ends. Then you've got an extra 60 feet of gas when you're coming down the stretch. But nope, everybody just takes off in a dead sprint and then ends up looking like a dumbass when they get to the finish line.

You just can't end up on your knees, though. There's no shame in losing, but there is certainly a bit of shame in losing like that. If it's any consolation, this guy doesn't have the most embarrassing beat against The Freeze.