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Leon Rose Is So Damn Powerful That He Already Has People Crying About Zion Wanting To Play For The Knicks

Ohh boo fucking hoo. I actually love this, make Leon Rose and the Knicks out to be bad guys. You know what this is? People scared. Oh ESPN wants Zion to go to the Knicks for ratings because they are all CAA. Big deal. Welcome to real life. Welcome to people making up things in their head strictly because they are scared of the Knicks being good and want Zion to waste away in New Orleans. Mind you, it's like 3 years before Zion can just straight up leave without a trade. That's how scared Leon Rose has people. That's how much people are crying about what Leon Rose and the Knicks are doing. I love it. Make us the bad boys and tampering and all that good shit. I don't care. I just want to stay competitive and be good. I prefer it to piss people off the entire way to staying there. It's more fun to be the bad guys than everyone loving you. 

Why would Zion want to stay in New Orleans right now? They keep going through coaches left and right. They aren't good. They keep making horrendous offseason decisions. I mean it's a fun ass city and Mardi Gras seems fun, but other than that, what's keeping a star from wanting to play there? If a company that is better set up for the future, with better bosses came to you and offered you similar money, would you take it? Of course you would! That's just being smart. Oh not to mention maybe one of your best friends works there too. No brainer. 

I know people get annoyed with the whole 'NBA player is going to leave' story. I get it. I do. But at the same time, just like Anthony Davis with the Pelicans, be better. It's on the franchise. If they lose two stars in the span of a decade, that's a franchise problem. That's not a small-market bullshit or anything like that. It's just the Pelicans being awful. Thank God Leon Rose is running this shit. It's so fun having a front office that actually does smart things.