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Kofi Cockburn Showed Up To The Illinois Student Rec Center And Decided To Show No Mercy To A Bunch Of Poor Souls

I think the best part about this is not the dunk, but rather it came from Kofi's SnapChat and he threw out the track team. It's not a secret that football players always show up to rec centers at big schools and tend to be one of the better intramural basketball teams out there. Shout out the UK team and our long standing rivalry in 3v3 and 5v5 title games. Now they were always freak athletes, no doubt about it. But you start throwing high major Division I basketball players in the rec center and bodies get caught like this. I just can't stop laughing at Kofi throwing the track team in there. Buddy either has a friend on the track team or Kofi HATES the track team. I choose to believe the second option here and that this monster of a human just hates the Illinois 4x1 team. 

I'm not even really going to clown the dude who Kofi dunked on. I'll give him credit for jumping. Sure there was a .01% chance of it working out for him, but you have to take that shot. What did he have to lose? Oh Kofi dunked on him. Kofi dunks on everyone. But if he gets that block? Well, you have something to talk about all year. And if it's on video? I'm playing that once a day - including at my funeral. Just to remind people that you pulled it off. 

I know the Dog Walk this week was back to school and not college, but the Rec Center was such a key part to college man. 

Nothing made you feel better than getting a good run in like Wednesday during the day before you just started drinking the entire weekend. Had to play at about 2pm, get your run, go drink and feel like you accomplished something. If you're in college and like to play hoops, keep showing up. It's worth it.