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Don't You Dare Book Whit Merrifield On Cameo And Ask Him To Break Up With Your Girlfriend

Whit Merrifield doesn't have time for public breakups, don't bring that Jumbotron stuff or Cameo breakup offers anywhere near him. If you do he'll send that shit right back in your face. Guy is a hit king and he hit this one out of the park. Merrifield was on a radio show and mentioned that someone got a cameo from him asking Whit to break up with his girlfriend. Whit decided to take the ladies side and steamroll the guy in the relationship. Said he threw him under the bus and had some fun with it. You could tell Merrifield was not a fan with how the guy decided to pull the plug on his relationship, called him a coward and everything. I'm 100% sure it was a joke from the guy but we will let Whit believe it was real. 

So Merrifield delivered the breakup message to the girl but also gassed her up it seems. Telling her she could do better and that her now ex-boyfriend was a dbag. He said that was the weirdest cameo request he's gotten before and I'm sure the weird ones will really start to roll in. I mean he was not happy about it, sounded borderline offended by it. For sure an awkward thing to do via a phone app where you get celebs to say stuff to you, but if you want to spend money to break up with someone I guess it's a free country? But good for him for letting the girl down easy and letting her know it would be okay. Better than a scoreboard breakup or something. Public breakups are big now, super hot in the streets. Just don't ask Whit to do it or he'll put your ass on a poster.