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The Video Of Marlins Prospect Edward Cabrera Finding Out He Got The Call To The Bigs Is So Awesome

These videos are so great, Sunday night the Marlins told their top pitching prospect Edward Cabrera that he was headed to the bigs. A dream come true. Them calling him up isn’t the story, it’s his reaction. They recorded what I’m guessing is his manager and a translator breaking the good news to him. He couldn’t believe it, stunned. Hands on his head, couldn’t speak, he had to know it was good news coming but who knows if this is what he expected. Dude is so happy, they got him with some awesome back slaps too, some of the loudest I’ve ever heard. He’s in tears but it’s worth it, how can you not be happy for guys like this, especially dudes who have worked their asses off. He’s one of the top pitching prospects in baseball and I’m excited to see him cook. For sure an emotional moment for him and I bet he’s happy it was captured on video. Hard not to be excited for the guy.