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Taylor Swift Is Officially On Tiktok, Now There Is No Reason To Leave The App

Finally. I think 90% of my Titkoks (here's my account, shamlessly) are about Taylor Swift. The hashtags #TaylorSwift, #Swifties and #TSwift have combined over 10 BILLION views, and our Queen still hadn't logged on to mix it up with us. We've had to imagine that she's been seeing all of our jokes, remixes, newly written verses, cosplay costumes, dopplegangers - NOW SHE REALLY WILL. 

Has she had a secret account this entire time? Probably. I can't imagine someone as creative and curious as Taylor could have stayed away from this app. But something tells me the Swifties are going to kick it into serious overdrive now that there's a confirmed chance of Taylor interacting with their content. ANYTHING FOR TAYLOR.

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