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I Am Ready To Say Roy Kent Is My Favorite Character In Anything In A LONG Time

After a long day of traveling home yesterday I settled in to watch the most recent episode of Ted Lasso at about 1am. I was VERY fucking tired but you know what? It's Ted Lasso and if there's even been a show that's gonna rope me in with joy at 1am it's Ted Fucking Lasso and rope me in with joy it surely did. I'm not here to write a full episode recap or anything although everything with the Rom-Communism was great due to all the Easter Eggs like the I'll have what he's having, the LDN152, and most importantly the You Had Me At Coach.

You had me at Coach was obviously the biggest of them due to the fact that ending scene in that episode has cemented by opinion to be the exact same as Rich Eisen's when it comes to Roy Kent. That man truly is here...he's there...he's every fucking where. I mean that scene truly had me ready to jump out of my damn seat in my underwear at 1:30am in the morning simply due to the fact of how much we knew our guy Roy truly wanted to Coach Richmond deep down inside & the beauty of Roy is that guy isn't gonna say it. He'll just walk off the set of his show, pay a cab driver a shitload of cash to bring him to Nelson Road, give another guy his watch to bike him over there after hurting his already hurt knee, going to grab his own ticket, hissing at a child, then walking in to the stadium to a grand entrance. 

As I induct Roy Kent into my TV character Hall of Fame I think this is the perfect time to make this purchase.