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The Summer Slam Experience As Told Through The Eyes Of A Newfound Wrestling Fan

So this past week I had a bit of a wrestling renaissance. I know I'm not using renaissance in the right word because that would insist I was formerly a wrestling fan then stopped and am now a fan again, but fuck it it sounded cool. I say this because Caleb and I went to San Antonio last Monday to do a Sundae Conversation with our new pal Randy Orton.

I wrote about the experience of both that Sundae Conversation & Monday Night Raw that we went to later that night over here. Great time.

Anyways I had assumed that was it for my week in wrestling until Caleb and I learned we had to be in Vegas this past weekend for what what I think will truly be the biggest Sundae Conversation yet. And it just so happened our pals Feits, KFC, Brandon, and Robbie were in Vegas as well for Summer Slam so we figured why not join parties! So I was very excited for 3 reasons.

#1 was how fun I knew it'd be. After having a blast at Monday night RAW in San Antonio I think it was a very easy assumption to make that fucking Summer Slam with Roman Reigns v. John Cena in Las Vegas would be an absolutely PREPOSTEROUS time. 

#2 is that I'm a massive whore for stadiums. I fucking love stadium architecture and I think it's very blatant that Allegiant Stadium is the top stadium for that in the world right now.

And finally #3 was that of the rumors our tickets had an open bar. That was pretty fuckin' sweet because who doesn't love an open bar?

The whole squad rolled into Allegiant Stadium about an hour before the first match began and we rolled straight to the area where the supposed open bar was. The rumors were (thankfully) true. There was an open bar. It was awesome and even cooler it was in the literal club party of the stadium. Yes there's an actual fucking club in the end zone. If that ain't Vegas I truly don't know what is. 

We then headed up to the seats which were fucking AWESOME right in front of the ring which we're piggyback style'd for us. This was actually the first time I'd ever done piggyback-style seating with a big group and let me tell ya…actually pretty fun! It was Feits & I in the back with Caleb, Robbie, and Brandon directly in front of us. An absolutely motley crew that made for a hell of a time.

The actually wrestling portion of the event kicked off with a HUGE W for our boy Randolph Orton. Seeing the RKO in person was practically what I'd imagine seeing Bigfoot would be like after hearing about it for your whole life. 

After that tag team W for Randolph and Riddle had us BUZZING the Barstool guests we're practically 2-0 going into Sheamus' brawl after his FNP appearance. I, too, was on the Sheamus train since he just looked like the man with his hannibal lector mask, bane jacket, and ginny tee (I'm Italian I could say that!) on Monday Night Raw. Sadly Sheamus took that L and we fell to 2-1 on the night for our guys. Tough scenes.

Next up a woman named Carmella came through out of nowhere. Instantly Robbie turned to me to let me know she's a paisan from Staten Island. After excommunicating Cuomo from the paisan community we really needed a W here and a W we did not get. Carmella was out of the ring quicker than Barrymore in Scream. Sad to see.

That was a result of a lady named the man coming out which very well may have been the most electric moment of the night. That face I'm making truly is that of a man with no idea what's going on but one that has ADRENALINE running through his veins. Great time.

And eventually the most-anticipated moment of the night happened with Cena's entrance. As a former non-wrestling guy Cena was clearly the most well-known name due to recently watching Suicide Squad and Blockers being one of the more criminally underrated comedies in the last couple of years. Great movie.

Obviously the walk-in music claps. You can't see that man! Roman Reigns eventually got the W after a literal INSANE match though seeing that up close was unforgettable. So much damn fun.

Later we headed to the after party where there was, in fact, a photobooth which ALWAYS makes for a great time. Add in 2 WWE belts and it's a friggen party! I am sad to report though that I may have accidentally put in the wrong email/phone number to get those very photos so this video is all I have. SAD!

All in all I can't thank the WWE enough for showing us the ropes both literally and figuratively. I cannot wait to make my return to a wrestling event! And be sure to check out that whole thread on Twitter…shoutout to Devlin for capturing quite literally every thing we did.