Kendrick Perkins Really Wants To Get In The Ring And Fight Draymond Green

That's it. The offer is out there. Kendrick Perkins wants to get those paws on someone and we have the perfect place. A spot where the beer flows like wine. A little place I like to call Charleston, West Virginia. 

Now listen, I'm all for hatred in sports. I think we need more of it. Well, maybe hatred isn't the right word, but I'm sick of the buddy-buddy bullshit that we see all the time. And, yes, it even happened when we were growing up in the 80s and 90s. The difference is nobody made a big deal if someone said they didn't like someone. Let's get back to that. I love that Draymond Green pisses everyone off to the point that Kendrick Perkins wants to fight him. I want more Draymond's in all of sports. Get under guys skin and have them talking about giving you the smoke. 

I gotta give credit to Perk here real quick. Why? That last line. If I'm Draymond that drives me insane. That brings me to accept the fight. You can't be called out for 'never wanting the smoke' and have another notch in the belt. You have to take the offer up from Perk. So if that's what it takes for Draymond to get in the ring, so be it. It's a great line. Just the slightest jab that you know cuts the deepest.