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Did Billy Football Commit Stolen Valor While Ripping A Piss At The Airport?

I’ll admit it; when I first saw Billy Football’s newest pic, I thought he was a young troop. Is that his fault? Well,,,, it’s hard to say.

In young troop life, you learn to love backpacks. I’m not sure why but new troops can’t get enough backpacks. We love walking around while showing folks that we don’t care about carrying shit while we are walking around. What’s in the bag? Umm how about stuff I need? Stuff like supplements, water, jerky, Motrin, more water, sunglasses, sun screen, a change of underwear, two changes of socks, and obviously you’ll need several pairs of shoes/boots? Why? Because preparation is the key to being prepared 💫.

Billy knows that. Is it because he’s trying to steal valor before boarding a plane? Probably not. It’s probably because Billy listens to ZBT, plays call of duty, and knows that when you are flying you need a primary, alternate, and tertiary plan. That plan needs to include contingencies. Billy is ready for any clime and place. He can chill in the comfort of crocs or ruck in the comfort of Rocky boots with the promo code ZBT for 25 percent off.

Billy isn’t stealing valor; he’s stealing your girl and thanking her for servicing him. Talkin bout getting sucked dry. If that’s an issue for you, you’ve got an issue with America, not Billy. Billy, you may begin pre-boarding. TYFYS