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It's Absolute Malarkey That Nice Will Get A 3-0 Win Despite Their Fans Storming The Field To Try And Fight Players

[The Sun] - The match officials decided to try and get the game back on last night.

But Marseille players reportedly refused to go back out after their ordeal despite local authorities giving a resumption the go ahead. Incredibly, when the officials returned to the field, full-time was blown on the match - with local reports suggesting Nice were awarded a 3-0 victory due to Marseille's refusal to return.

Uefa will likely launch a probe into the incident.

Nice president Jean-Pierre Rivere said on Amazon's coverage in France: "Our ultras will hold back. A lot of things happened… Marseille want to go home."

I was going to use utter bullshit in the headline but malarkey really gets the point across more. What the hell? So Nice fans storm the field, get ready to start a brawl and Marseille rightfully decides, nah we're done playing today. What happens? A 3-0 loss. It makes no sense. Shit, it encourages crazy ass fans to try and do something like this and that's not something I'll put past European soccer fans. And, hey, Nice was winning 1-0. It's on their fans for ruining that and all the momentum. How Nice gets 2 more goals and a guarantee win is beyond me. Call me crazy but you shouldn't reward a team who had fans storm the field, especially when one of those fans went down like a sack of potatoes. 

How about the balls on Nice's president too? Oh guys don't worry about coming back out there. Ours fans PROMISE to be on their best behavior. A lot of things happened, but it's fine. You have nothing to worry about. They pinky promise. Yeah, okay guy. I mean I love the backing and putting blame on Marseille but try to tell a bigger lie. You can't. 

I'll tell you what though. I'll play for Marseille's coach any day of the week. The fact he's willing to mix it up just because he got insulted. That's a dude I'll go play for and love it. I want my coach getting in the mix. I want him to be willing to throw hands just because of an insult. Crazy always plays. But that's not the point. The point is I won't rest until France Ligue 1 corrects this 3-0 mistake. There are rules in sports and life, damnit.