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Warzone Pain Simulator Is My Biggest Nightmare Come To Life

Was this the punishment for coming in last place in his fantasy football league? I need to know more of the story behind how this Tom Cruise looking guy named "Ben," found himself in this predicament. 

This is a "Warzone Pain Simulator" and it's one of the funniest setups I've ever seen. Every time Ben takes damage in the game, his "friends" shoot him with a paintball gun. This takes the Oculus Rift to the next level.


You thought clutching up in a 1v3 was hard enough? Imagine trying to do that with paintballs flying in from point-blank range. NO THANK YOU. Sometimes, I flinch just from seeing an enemy or getting shot in the back. If I tried this, I'd be flinching every single time the screen went red. Pure paranoia.

I'm a virtual warrior, not a real life warrior. I got the best thumbs in the game, but I'm not built for impact like I used to be.  But this did get me thinking....what are the odds we set this up in the Gametime studio? I think Smitty would have too much fun lighting my ass up with paintballs.

Giphy Images.

Anyways, what other ridiculous gaming challenges/setups are out there?