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Over The Weekend Mr. Beast Punished Phil Hellmuth In Poker



If Mr. Beast wants to go all in pre with 96o (get it?!) then by all means welcome to the poker world, my guy. We need more guys like Mr. Beast playing poker. He has a zillion (probably more) followers across all his channels. He's huge with the kids. And if we can get him pumping out poker content, while also winning hands vs pros like Phil Hellmuth with 96o, that's a major win for poker as a whole. #GoodForTheGame as they say. 

Basically, the more "influencers" show that poker can be fun, and you can win money playing it, then the bigger the game grows. Keeping the poker ecosystem alive is always the goal. Some people will take interest and get good at the game, while others will take it up recreationally and not take it too seriously, while having fun at the 1/2 tables. Both are awesome. And then lots will end up like me- take it seriously but still stink. (People forget I do have a few live final tables in my life though, nbd). 

He did end up getting some money back playing 3 handed when a certain man name Tom Dwan showed up.




Oh you though Durrr would miss out on the softest game in town? Not when he still in debt to the Triads (joking…I think). 


But again, as long as Mr. Beast is playing poker, good things are happening. If only he was around for the old Poker After Dark/High Stakes Poker days. Bricks of cash on the table, nothing better than that.



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