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If Zach Wilson Wins a Super Bowl For the Jets I Will Convert To Mormonism

Jeff Haynes. Shutterstock Images.

I am all in. At the Pro Football Hall of Fame, we got a huge discount at the gift shop so I got a dope Zach Wilson New Nike Jersey. Buying a guy's jersey for me means I am all in. For me, buying a jersey is a full commitment and now I am ride or die Zach Wilson. I mean look at some of these throws. Yes it is preseason but Zach Wilson is actually reading the defenses, look I may sound like I'm trying to be Trent Dilfer but look at this touchdown. His reads are awesome.

He snuck that into what looked like cover 3 so nicely

He is finding the gaps in the coverage and it's beautiful to watch. I am probably getting way ahead of myself but I love how he is seeing the field, he isn't showing much confusion like some of the other QBs in his class.

Saleh is no joke and I really love where this team is headed. I will make a promise, if Zach Wilson wins a Superbowl for the New York Jets I will convert to Mormonism. All in. I will straight up convert. I don't know if I will not drink coffee or like do missions and stuff but I will go through the process. I actually have totally not thought this through at all. Like I don't think Mormonism is something you can easily convert to. Did you know to convert to Islam all you have to do is go up to a Muslim person and say a testimony of faith which is like 2 sentences. All this religion talk is making me think of Steve Mihalik, he knew all religions, he would know how hard converting to Mormonism is. I'll leave you with this.