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Jack Harlow Had UVA Going Crazy To The Fireflies Song



I don't know much about Jack Harlow besides the videos I've seen of him on Barstoolsports, and from the looks of it, he's a pretty popular guy. From what I can tell is he has a ton of fans and he gets on stage and just sings his songs in front of hundreds of millions of people at festivals (you've seen the size of the crowds, I'm always stunned when people are like "that's 40,000 people, not 3 trillion) 



or has college kids eating out of the palm of his hand. Jack Harlow could have the attendees of a MAAD meeting shotgunning beers by the 3rd song if he wanted. How all those college kids who were born well after Y2K know Owl City blows my mind, I actually had to find an alternate angle to make sure the words weren't being projected onto the frat house. But nope, these kids were just going 110 MPH to put respect on Owl City's good name. I think I'm a Jack Harlow guy now. Full invite to come on Nate at Night.