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Miguel Cabrera Blasted His 500th Career Home Run And Then Received a Standing Ovation From The Toronto Crowd

It was getting a little bit tiring there for a second, and I'm saying that as a fan. I can't even imagine what Miguel Cabrera's gone through over the last several weeks. Bally Sports Detroit showed a graphic that Miggy had tied Alex Rodriguez for the most consecutive plate appearances between home run number 499 home run number 500. It was a bit draining. Don't get me wrong; the chase has been fun. It's been great seeing people back at Comerica Park, even if they didn't get the chance to witness history. I'm happy for Miguel, and I give a lot of credit to the fans at Rogers Centre for allowing Miggy to enjoy the moment for what it was. But I'm happy for the fans of the Tigers. Unless you are a fan of the Baltimore Orioles, there is no fan base in Major League Baseball over the last four or five years that have had a rougher time than the Detroit Tigers fan base has. 2021 will not go down as some banner year, but considering where we've been, it has been a real breath of fresh air. It's no secret that there has been some severe deterioration in Miguel Cabrera's game. Injuries have had a whole lot to do with that. At some point, the discussion about his legacy and the contract will all be fair game to discuss. But for the time being, I think it only fits that he enjoys this because he's the one who's earned it. At his best, I've never seen a Tigers hitter that matched up with Cabrera. He was something special, and now he's got 500 home runs to show for it. Welcome to history Miggy.