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Hockey Season Is Finally Here!

  The hockey gambling season is officially underway, no I'm not talking about the NHL for the rookies out there, I’m talking about the European leagues that are all up and running. We made a splash last season introducing these leagues and opening everyone's eyes to the vast betting options for these leagues on Twitter.  It didn’t take long for everyone to want to jump on board, watch at work, and gamble, so The $EBR Crew was established.  Everyone that followed along last season was rewarded substantially with the ridiculous winning runs we went on.

  Just like last year we came out firing and had the Barstool Sportsbook on the ropes with an early 4-0 run in the Champions Hockey League.  Teams were coming from behind and scoring 2 goals in the final minute to cash our tickets and we started right where we left off.   Confidence was at an all-time high as everything was going our way and just around the corner was the start of our cash cow the KHL… or we thought!

  Of course, the start of any season in any sport will be tough to read and you always need a little time for things to settle out. Even for professional players, it takes time to get used to their new teams and linemates, but it's still no excuse for what happened to us.  The KHL kicked our ass early on and the way some of these losses went down was just ridiculous.  I saw plays that I have never witnessed in my 17-year pro hockey career or in my 30-year gambling career!!  The only explanation I’ve been able to come up with is that our check to Putin to fix these games for us must not have arrived in Moscow yet.  Even SKA, the perennial power of the KHL since its inception, was scoring on themselves multiple times in a game to make sure we lost!  These kinds of beats will not faze us as we know the damage we did in the KHL last year and we will do the same as the season goes on!

  Sweden, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic are the other leagues we like to zero in on and make our picks have all started as well.  Player movement is very high in these leagues, so we are hard at work, watching games every night and getting reports from our insiders around the globe to make sure we are on the right side of all these games The Crew.  

  One last thing that’s very exciting with the start of these Euro leagues is it means the NHL is right around the corner!!  We are hard at work making up season-long futures and props for the Barstool Sportsbook, so make sure to get over to the website or app and check those out as we will have plenty of fun stuff to wager on as the season goes. NHL open ups October 12, so $EBR let's build the bankroll now in Europe and be ready to hammer “The Show” when it starts.