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2 Call of Duty Teams Are Competing For $1.85 Million Today on CoD Champs Championship Sunday

If you've ever played Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, you know exactly what this tweet means. What a wild transition. Now, let's talk some Pro CoD.

It all comes down to this - Atlanta FaZe vs Toronto Ultra. This was by far and away the two favorites to be in this matchup for Championship Sunday. Both teams will compete for their share of $1.85 Million. Welcome to the Super Sunday of Professional Call of Duty.

1st place = $1.2 Million

2nd place = $650,000

Imagine playing Call of Duty with $600K on the line? I couldn't either. The hand shaking would be at an absolute max.

Giphy Images.

So how did we get here in the first place? I got you covered - here's a recap on CoD Champs Day 1, Day 2, and some background information about CoD Champs. Today's action starts at 3pm EST.


BIGGEST MOMENT - Empire's Insane Hardpoint Comeback

Day 3 Recap:

If you wanna see a bunch of extra behind the scenes content, checkout my Instagram and Gametime's instagram!

Day 3 started with a FaZe clan tailgate where I met some gaming LEGENDS.

FaZe Swagg - the undisputed King of Call of Duty content

FaZe Bloo - easily one of the best snipers in Call of Duty history

Nate Hill - Fortnite icon and dominant Professional Fortnite player (you may have seen him running Fortnite with Nickmercs)

Saturday morning donuts. No better tradition in life @bigcat


Don't hate the player, hate the game. Cause Black Ops 3 >>>>>>>

Fast forwarding I also met the Mr. HOOOYAHHHH himself and had to give him a special gift.


We had (3) matchups today:

Atlanta FaZe vs Dallas Empire (Winner's bracket)

Toronto Ultra vs Minnesota Røkkr (Loser's Bracket)

Loser of 1st game vs Winner of 2nd game

^^^ Not saying I'm a wizard, but that's exactly how the day played out.

FaZe vs Empire 

Atlanta FaZe is on another level right now. They're playing like the regular season 73-9 Warriors and can't seem to be stopped! They haven't dropped a single map in CoD Champs. Utter domination.

The Battle of The North: Ultra vs Røkkr

This entire series was a massive back and forth between Røkkr and Ultra. 

The biggest headline I noticed was rookie "Standy" played out of his mind. On top of that, the crowd was rooting so hard for Røkkr, that the place quite literally almost erupted.

However, it wasn't enough to get Røkkr through to the next round. Ultra held the line and won the Battle of the North.

Empire vs Ultra

At this point, the MRags Mush seemed so real that I had to test it. All the teams I were rooting for in individual series lost, so I put it to the ultimate test.

Ultra took the series lead 2-1 and looked in control. They moved into the next Hardpoint map and we saw one of the craziest comebacks in CoD LAN history.

The series is tied 2-2 and it all comes down to this one Search and Destroy map. Winner moves on to Championship Sunday and the Best of 9 series, while the loser goes home with a Bronze medal.

MRags Mush confirmed not real (at least this one time).

Ultra win the series and advance to Championship Sunday on the back of "Cammy" who had one of the most incredible individual performances in CoD Champs history.

Day 4 Preview

The most accurate information is always held within Twitter polls. So I had to ask the question before matches started on Day 3, who do you think is going to win CoD Champs? The result was a complete bloodbath.

Matches start at 3pm EST and it's a Best of 9 series. These two teams have showed throughout the entire season that they're the top dogs in the CoD League, so this matchup doesn't surprise me one bit.

I got FaZe winning this one 5-3.


If you made it this far, shoutout to you! I tried In-N-Out for the first time ever.