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The Cast Of 'It's Always Sunny' Dropped The Perfect Video For Wrexham's First Match Of The Season

I'm so happy this show is coming back for a 15th year. It's one of those I just don't want it to stop. I don't care if people think jokes are overplayed or anything, it's comfort television and I don't want to find a new show for 10-12 weeks a year. So yesterday was the first match of the season with Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny in charge of Wrexham. This is the only type of video to drop. Everyone in character, side characters sticking their head up in the background. Hell, the fact it's a tie and imagining the day as an episode is what they need to do. 

Giving up a goal in the 94th minute for a tie is right out of the show. Frank would lose his shit if something ended in a tie. He'd be screaming about laws and America, no doubt about it. Charlie is clearly the team mascot or at least attempting to be the mascot and fighting with them. 

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Dennis would try to be overthrowing Mac as owner and Dee would just be getting made fun of. She'd probably try to hit on a player and end up catching a free kick to the face. But back to the video. The fact that Rob is married to Kaitlin Olson and STILL throws out the bird joke is unreal. If you're married try calling your wife a bird right now. Just see what happens. Hint: it won't end well.