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Najee Harris Made One Play Tonight That Should End Any Questions About The Steelers Drafting Him In The 1st Round

I stood on the table with no doubts about this pick in April, and I'll continue to do the same especially after tonight. The Steelers were mocked and mocked by blue checkmarks and non blue checkmarks alike about "how idiotic it is to take a running back in the first round". 

*scoff* "wow how dumb. what a waste. i'm so smart talking about football blah blah blah"

Kiss my ass. This dude is as complete a football player as you can get. He's exactly the piece the Steelers offense needed. A runner who is dynamic, powerful, can make plays out of nothing, and oh by the way, take a dump down pass from old Big Ben and turn it into a 50 yard gain. That's invaluable. Flipping the field. Getting into the redzone. Making a shitty drive into something. James Conner wasn't doing that. 

So everyone get off your football high horse about how out of date it is to draft a running back in the first round. Again, you know what would have been even *dumber* for the Steelers to do in the first round? Reach for the 5th best offensive tackle because Geoff Schwartz said that's what you have to do. Sorry, Geoff. But I'm perfectly happy with 22 in the backfield for the next however many years.