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The Newest Rivalry In Sports: Rob McElhenney And Ryan Reynolds Are Demanding A Gift From Ted Lasso After A Joke About Them Buying Wrexham

This is why Ted Lasso is the best show on television and Ryan Reynolds/Rob McElhenney buying Wrexham is awesome. It's legit perfect on both sides. In this past episode, Higgins makes a quick joke about them buying Wrexham. It didn't really have much to the show, just a quick witted one-liner questioning if them buying the team was even real. It's perfect, but it's also Ted Lasso. I mean there's no reason to really get in depth about the show, what else is there to say? It's the best thing going on TV where they bring in references like this, great comedy and they even pull on their heartstrings a bit. I also don't want to spoil anything from season 2 since it's not over yet, but Roy Kent has been fucking awesome this season. 

Now of course, Rob and Ryan are throwing out the demand of the biscuits. If you watched the show, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Ted bringing Rebecca a box of biscuits every morning. Well you better believe that Rob and Ryan are demanding they get them sent to Wrexham.  

It's still insane to me that Van Wilder and Mac own a soccer team. I love it. Remember, Wrexham - a Welsh soccer club - was actually owned by fans. Those fan owners were the ones who had to vote on letting Mac and Reynolds take over the club. Absolute no-brainer. The moment they said they wanted to drink with fans I would have voted yes right away. Wrexham just became the coolest club in the entire world. They also plan on doing some sort of documentary about them owning a team. Need them to mix in a Ted Lasso joke from time to time too now. 

Most heated rivalry in sports and television just started.