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Sony Is Cutting Production Of PlayStation 5's by 1 Million Units And Expects Shortage Issues Thru 2022

This is just Pain University.

According to a recent Bloomberg article, Sony will be cutting production of PlayStation 5's by 1 Million units and doesn't expect anything to change through 2022. AKA - they'll still face the same shortage/production issue that we've been seeing since the release on November 12, 2020.

Sony obviously isn't the only company facing supply chain issues because Xbox and PC parts are going through the exact same struggles.

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The timing just sucks because we have a new Call of Duty out, Battlefield 2042 dropping, Halo Infinite on the way and a new Warzone map. Gamers want to be able to play these new games on the next gen consoles to experience the smoothness and better graphics.

If you want to go the full nerd route PC route, graphic cards and CPUs prices (the main component of PCs) are inflated thru the roof as well. This is partially due to the supply chain being messed up due to COVID, but also because people use graphic cards and high end computer to mine cryptocurrencies.

Lastly, when the consoles are available, they immediately get bought out by bots that quickly turn them around for double the retail price. Sometimes it feels like we're in a never ending cycle of shortage until the PS6 and Xbox 720 drop.

Tough time to be a gamer and trying to upgrade your console.