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Tom Cruz Explains "Broke Bobby", Dooky Shoes & What The Rest O' The Gang Does For A Living

Please read the above story for context in case you weren't aware of Broke Bobby's destitute, pauperized, broke ass yet but still clicked on my blog. 

Also, if you think Broke Bobby is in rough shape you're going to feel especially sorry for the 'Welfare 10':

And finally, here's the explanations Tom Cruz gave after his initial 'rich friends travel sheet' TikTok went viral: 

Key points:

- Sorry gold diggers, he's not introducing you to the fellas. Stop asking! ;-)~

- They have varied jobs & none work together. Several teachers, a couple vet techs, one HVAC installation guy, a wireless sales expert, and a smattering of Class A CDL long haulers. (ha ha good one. They are investors, accountants (BROKE BOBBY!), doctors, real estate.) 

- No offense to third world countries but some of the guys have already had bad experiences there (am guessing like diarrhea, or paying to hunt another human for sport in a remote area but the guy gets away) so it's a no-go for them

- The fellas at the bottom end of that excel sheet are referred to as "lower income individuals" in a completely deadpan, serious manner with zero humor showing even a sliver of self awareness and you absolutely have to respect that

- Dooky Shoes is called Dooky Shoes because of the Tom Segura bit about The First 48. He just thought it was pretty funny so that's what they started calling him. Personally I was triggered that he spelled it Dooky with a 'y' and not Dookie with an 'ie'. 

- Handsome Rob - Is handsome & really likes the Italian Job so it fit

- Sean, the richest one, owns software-as-a-service in the b-to-b space for productivity. If you don't know what that means you will NEVER make it into a group like that and are probably in a Welfare 10 type situation. (I do not know what it means and am sitting on a cat scratched LaZBoy eating store brand chocolate chips straight from the bag.) 

As for Tom himself, it appears he makes his money investing in Section 8 housing & holding workshops on how you can be like him. He could care less that people think he's an enormous douchebag and has used the viral buzz to further promote his website selling you his Section 8 webinars & one-on-one consulting…  

Lots of people online are furious about what he does for a living & his 'Broke Bobby friend lists'. Again, I get the instinct to feel mad as I adjust my 5 year old Old Navy holiday pajama pants at 2pm on a Sunday in August, but he's a young, rich guy doing young, rich guy things and he's super-shamelessly straightforward about what he does, so the haters shouldn't be that surprised. 

In closing, I leave you with Dooky Shoes.