The Cookout Stays On Top: Big Brother 23 Week 6 Power Rankings

The first piece of the jury is officially set! After four weeks on the block in the first six weeks of the game, Britini's underdog story came to an end this week. With that, there are just 10 houseguests remaining in the game, and six of them are a part of the dominant "Cookout" alliance. First, let's take a brief look at this week's recap (that included an extra veto) before revealing another week of power rankings:

Head of Household (HOH): Kyland

 Pre-Veto Nominees: Claire and Derek F.

Veto Winner: Alyssa (not used) and Kyland (used on Claire)

Post-Veto Nominees: Britini and Derek F.

Evicted: Britini (7-1 vote)

10. Claire (Last week: 7) - Claire may have survived the block last week, but she is constantly trying to target different members of The Cookout. That will not work out well in the long run.

9. Alyssa (10) - In her first week truly playing the game "alone" with no Christian in the house, Alyssa actually did pretty well. She won the legendary OTEV competition, but unfortunately, she doesn't have many allies left in the house.

8. Hannah (6) - The good news: Hannah is a part of the majority alliance running the house. The bad news: she really doesn't have anything else on her resume. She needs to rack up some competition wins to have a realistic chance of winning.

7. Sarah Beth (4) - While SB will be safe this week thanks to a clutch HoH win, her long term game isn't looking too hot. She has a solid alliance with Kyland, but not much going on the larger scale.

6. Azah (8) - Azah has laid low for the majority of this game, but still finds herself in The Cookout. Fortunately, she doesn't have much blood on her hands at the moment.

5. Derek F. (9) - Big D risked it all this week and volunteered himself to be a pawn. It worked perfectly, and he gained trust with Kyland. That is very good news for his resume.

4. Derek X. (3) - If one person is going to blow up The Cookout, it is this man right here. His sit down with Kyland and Xavier telling him to throw the HoH should be a sign, but will he be able to figure it out? He has a solid resume, but DX will be another Cookout casualty if he fails to do so.

3. Kyland (2) - I still can't decide whether or not this was a good week for Kyland's game. As the HoH, it can never hurt to add that title to your resume, especially having it twice. But he had to nominate three people, and lied to Britini. If Kyland makes it to the end, I doubt he gets her jury vote.

2. Tiffany (5) - She has been the puppet master for The Cookout alliance. Whatever she has wanted has gone to plan during the majority of this game.Tiffany is in a very good spot.

1. Xavier (1) - If I had to place a responsible wager on the winner of BB23 today, it would be on Xavier. He has a HoH under his belt. He has no blood on his hands. Everybody likes him. The longer he stays in the house, the more I like his chance to take home the $750,000.


16th place: Travis

15th place: Frenchie

14th place: Brent

13th place: Whitney

12th place: Christian

11th place (Juror No. 1): Britini