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Tom in Cincinnati Is Down Unbelievably Bad

The Cincinnati Reds are in the thick of a postseason push as they're only one game back of the second NL Wild Card spot, but at least one fan is not having fun at Great American Ball Park right now. Our guy Tom is down horrendously.

I have no other information other than what you see on the video board and I've never needed more to a story in my life. What did Tom do? Was he still sitting with Caitlyn at this game amidst a fight and told her to look up at the screen? If not, how did he know she would be there?

I like to imagine both Tom and Caitlyn as such devout Reds fans that they have season tickets and have still been going to games and sitting next to each other, even as Caitlyn won't speak to Tom. So he used the only opportunity where he knew he had a captive audience to try to get his girlfriend to talk to him again.

It probably wouldn't have killed you to throw an, "I'm sorry," in there though, Tom. "I was wrong," is a fantastic start whether you actually mean it or not, but a little remorse never killed anybody.

But as much as I'd love Caitlyn to give Tom another chance, if she has ignored all of your calls and texts, I'm just not sure the $50 message on the Great American Ball Park jumbotron is going to do the trick, brother. Prayers up.