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So I Guess My Childhood Is Officially Over?

I'm sitting here crying. Literally fucking crying. A 25-year-old man child sitting here crying over an absurdly beautiful Swedish man calling it quits on his career that will surely get that beautiful Swedish man in the hockey hall of fame. I drunkenly wrote this blog last year when the Rangers kicked Henrik to the curb so that has most of my feelings on him though I just felt I should write a little something else upon his retirement.

I've often joked about your childhood ending when some athletes retired. It's mostly been about New York Athletes and the only non-New York Athlete I could think of was when Peyton Manning and since then the big 2 have easily been Eli Manning & David Wright. Those guys retiring was so odd! I mean I really got into sports when I was around 9-10 in the 2005ish region so literally all I knew was David Wright in the hot corner for the Mets & Elisha Nelson Manning at quarterback for the Giants. And that's all fine and dandy. I love those guys. I'd take a bullet for those guys much like any Mets/Giants gypsy would.

But this? This is different. Henrik Lundqvist retiring is a whole different animal. I've had a fathead on my wall of this man for literally 15 years. He's my #1 athlete of all-time and frankly I don't foresee that changing ever. So if we're being honest this just fucking feels weird. I guess I'm an adult now. I love you Henrik Lundqvist. 

PS: I'm so ready to empty my bank account and get druuuuuunk at Hank retirement night