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Is Paul Millsap Trying To Tell Us That He's About To Be A Boston Celtic?

Well well well would you look at what we have here. There are a couple of names still on the free agent market that I find a bit of a surprise. Guys like Lauri Markkanen and Paul Millsap are certainly two of them. For the sake of the Boston Celtics, Lauri isn't really an option. They aren't going to hard cap themselves in a S&T for Baby Dirk. But Millsap? Well you sir have my attention. If you remember all the way back to yesterday when Brad talked about this roster, 

you start to see the vision. Remember, Jabari Parker's roster spot is not fully guaranteed. There is a need for a stretch 4 on this roster and I would classify adding someone like Millsap as a "tweak around the edge". We then immediately get that IG post? My spidey senses are tingling. Now let's be clear here. This is not the Paul Millsap of old, but he still has a valuable skillset. His last 3 seasons in DEN he averaged 37% from three. A not so terrible 36%, 43%, and 34% last year. We're talking about a depth piece here, and the versatility he could theoretically bring is appealing. Plus, if Grant is still on the roster then learning from someone like Millsap is exactly what I want. He figured out a way to thrive as a 6'7 PF who could stretch the floor, which is essentially Grant's blueprint.

It should be mentioned that he didn't exactly choose the right emoji so it may be nothing, but where's the fun in that? At this point in his career it probably won't take much to sign him, probably the vet minimum, and I do think he offers more on both ends of the floor than someone like Jabari. There's also Bruno's spot to consider as well. 

I just find this all to be a little too much of a coincidence. The caption, the emoji use, all coming after Brad said they are still looking to tweak around the edges. Let's see if Brad can actually close the deal just like he has with everything else this summer.