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Noted Basketball Guy Jimmy Butler Hangs Up On People Who Try To Tell Him He Made All-NBA Because Individual Awards Don't Matter

[Source] - “Nothing else matters,” Lee said. “When Jimmy receives a personal accolade, it’s literally impossible to call him and tell him that he’s achieved this accolade. When I called him to tell him this year that he made All-NBA, I got the word ‘all’ out of my mouth and he hung up the phone on me. Like, he doesn’t care.”

God damnit Jimmy. Stop making me fall in love with you with these stupid, hilarious things you do. From the story of him removing his rearview mirror in the car so he 'never looks behind' to this, I'm just going to laugh and sit there and say that's just Jimmy But being Jimmy But. He's such an asshole that it's endearing and perfect. He is who he is and he doesn't hide it. He's the type of personality I want to see more of.

Just think about Butler's career too man. Starting as a role player in Chicago to his breakout. Then the stop in Minnesota and the infamous practice and getting into fights and how that ended. A run with Philly where, yeah, that was a mistake on Philly's part for not doing everything possible to hold on to him. To now in Miami where he's become an All-NBA player, beloved in Miami and completely changed how we just sort of view him. He's entertaining as shit. He's in commercials, he's become a household name. 

I also love that Jimmy's agent doesn't fuck around. He got into it with Shams earlier this year. 

We may never find a better player/agent combo that were made for each other than these two. I just imagine the excitement Lee had to call Jimmy and tell him he made All-NBA. "Hey Jimmy. Great news.' *Click* Jimmy doesn't have time for that. Let Jimmy know when he can win a title. That's what Jimmy cares about.