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The 2021 Philadelphia Phillies Season Is Officially Over

0-2 pitches slayed down the line by .220 hitters. Pitchers dropping RBI base hits. Whatever the fuck sorcery that was in the last Tweet. And that's all not even mentioning they're getting 1 hit into the 8th inning in what is essentially a must win game to avoid being swept by the worst team in the league. Welcome to the end, people. This is it. RIP 2021 Philadelphia Phillies.

I don't care if there's still 40 something games left to play. I don't care if they're still above .500 (barely) and only a few games out of 1st. Shit, I don't even care this game isn't over yet. The Philadelphia Phillies 2021 season is over. Done. Finished. Adios. See ya next Summer.

You simply can not be in a playoff race and get swept by the worst team in the league. It can't happen. But you know what you really CAN NOT fucking do? Contribute 3 hits/2 runs, 4 hits/2 runs, and (at the time of this blog in the bottom of the 8th inning as Madison Bumgardner ropes a RBI single because of fucking course he did) 1 hit/0 runs vs THE WORST FUCKING PITCHING STAFF IN THE NATIONAL LEAGUE. It just can't happen. Lifeless. Gutless. Dickless. Goodbye baseball. It was nice while it lasted. 

There is really nothing to say other than fuck this team. Honestly. Fuck them. At least their Twitter account almost has the right idea planning for next year.