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"Broke Bobby" Is Trending Because of the Most Out of Touch Friend Group of All-Time

Want to feel poor today? Then look not further than this group of assholes, whose friend that makes $125,000 a year is known as "Broke Bobby."

Now, I have several thoughts on this video. Firstly, I'm not entirely convinced it's real. The spreadsheet does look legit and I can't really think of a reason other than getting views to make something like this up, but you know for a fact talking about your friend Broke Bobby making six figures is going to go viral. That's enough for people these days.

But assuming everything is real, what in the actual fuck is this, anyway? Who in the world has 17 friends that they not only are close enough with to even be willing to go on extravagant vacations together, let alone do so often enough to warrant a spreadsheet? That's pretty weird, honestly.

And I am all for everyone making as much money as possible. The ability to do that however you can is what's great about this country. But compiling all your friends' incomes and "willingness to travel to a third-world country" into Excel makes you quite possibly the biggest group of douchebags on the planet.

And then we have Broke Bobby. I don't care if it's a joke or not. If you're making $125,000 a year and having your friends treat you like some sort of charity case when they're debating whether or not to get a private jet to go on vacation, you need new friends. And conversely, if you make $5 million a year and would exclude an actual friend from something because he merely makes $125,000, you're the biggest asshole of the bunch.

All of these dudes suck except Bobby. Get better friends, Bob.