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New Episodes Of The Netflix Show "Explained" Actually Make You Smarter

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Few things get my dick harder than knowing things. I used to love watching History / Discovery Channel and learning random information. Now both channels are completely reality television based, but back in my day you could learn all about - Hitler, aliens, and how suspension bridges are made. Fascinating! 

Netflix currently has a show called Explained that covers a wider variety of random topics in 20 minute episodes that could enlighten even the most ill-informed. 

New episodes come out every week, and so for the topics for Season 3 have been …

  • Sugar
  • Royalty 
  • Flags
  • Dogs 
  • Oil

Simple, but you'd be amazed at how much background you are missing on these basic topics. Every dog fan needs to immediately watch the dog episode. Scientists break down how wolves were domesticated to be man's best friend, and test if our dogs actually do feel love for their owners (that's the highlight).  If dogs aren't your thing (psycho) there is still a topic for everyone, and a fact from each episode that is guaranteed at the very least make you sound smarter.

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