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A Chelsea Fan Was Chased Out Of The Stadium By Other Fans After He Grabbed A Mic At Practice And Demanded Timo Werner Leaves The Team

[Sun] - Video footage of the blazing row, caught on camera by Twitter user @Wazpilicueta28, immediately went viral.

It was later claimed that the man who made the comment was forced to leave the ground and chased into a taxi by the offended fan.

You know what? I'm going to side with the lady freaking out on the guy and chasing him out of the stadium here. We're exactly ONE game into the new Premier League season, morale should be high. Hell, Chelsea won their first match so let them celebrate a little. Let them feel themselves. The fact is you can't be attacking Timo Werner at an open practice. Who the hell gave this guy a mic anyways? I feel like that's asking for a disaster, especially in European soccer. I say it all the time but those fans make the most diehard ones here in America look weak. They don't hold back. They are nuts and I say that lovingly. 

All that said, I want this lady on my side in any fight. She's ride or die to the fullest. You make fun of someone on her team, guess what buddy? You better lace up those shoes and run a sub-4 minute mile because she's coming for your ass. Not only that but she'll yell right back at you. I bet you weren't prepared for her to be the one coming at your throat, but that's the beauty of sports. It's like when I remember my great grandmother living and dying with each pitch as a Yankees fan. Sometimes it's a woman right off the boat from Italy in her 80s that will scream at Paul O'Neil for not taking a pitch. 

My favorite is this conspiracy theory. (h/t Sun)

But Tyler noted: "I feel like he isn't a supporter…prolly just a rival fan trying to talk s*** on our players so that their morale is low."

I'm almost cheering for this to be true now. I doubt it is, because, again, European soccer fans. But if it's a fan of like Arsenal or Tottenham running in there to talk shit to try and disrupt stuff it would be a hell of a move. The reason I think it's fake is no European soccer fan would dawn a jersey of a team they hate. Pretty sure it's a law in England. Lesson of the story is simple. Don't give fans a mic when it can be played over the PA system.