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Tough Times The Warriors: Kevon Looney Got Absolutely Cooked By Some Kid At His Own Basketball Camp

This isn't Kevon Looney just letting some kid get out there and do what he wants. Oh no, this kid makes Looney like a schmuck. He gets him with the hesitation and finish, actually a beautiful move. Not ideal times for the Warriors man. You have Draymond and KD getting together and throwing Kerr/Bob Myers under the bus. You have Klay Thompson trying to get back from injury. You have trade rumors left and right most notably trying to get Siakam or Simmons. Now you have Kevon Looney, a guy who started at center after Wiseman got hurt just straight up being put in a blender by a kid at his own camp. You can't have that. The Warriors are in Silicon Valley and if LeBron can have Jordan Crawford yamming all over him scrubbed from the Internet (real Internet 1.0 shit), the Warriors can do the same. 

That video being pre-Twitter and somehow every person in the world knowing about it tells you that it was viral. It's crazy thinking about shit like that back in the day. If it was on ebaumsworld you knew you were in for a trip. If it was a video that people would start by saying 'hey have you seen this' and start typing in www. fill in the blank it was viral. No Twitter. No Instagram. Maybe some MySpace and arguing about Top-8s. Some would say the true glory days of the Internet was back then and downloading porn and music at the same time on Limewire/Kazaa/Napster. It was creating the perfect AIM profile and screen name. That's what Kevon Looney needs to get back to because you can't have a kid embarrassing you at your own camp and immediately getting over 10,000 likes on a tweet.