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Let's Go Buffalo: Pardon My Take Grit Week Day 3 Recap

I'll cut right to the chase: Buffalo lives up to the hype. Bills Mafia lives up to the hype.

It was the penultimate day on Pardon My Take's Grit Week 2021. Thankfully, our driver Ben got the RV generator to work ahead of our three hour drive from Cleveland to Buffalo. Once we arrived, we dropped our bags off at the hotel and made our way to one of the most unique dining experiences I had ever been a part of. Introducing Wingnutz:

When Ed and Alicia, the owners, were telling us the origin story of what they envisioned in order to have a successful chicken wing business in Buffalo, there were three key factors that they knew they had to take care of:

Crunch. Sauciness. Size.


These wings passed each of those three tests with flying colors. Just incredible all the way around. And I think the coolest part about it was that this place wasn't even a restaurant. They rent out a room and kitchen at the Knights of Columbus building in Buffalo and simply make magic happen. The next time we are in Buffalo, we will certainly be back.

After we grabbed some lunch, it was time to head over to Santora's for the Coors Light Happy Hour. Note that we showed up to the *wrong* Santora's location at first, which put us just a bit outside the expected arrival time. But that's grit for you. It's all about dealing with adversity. Once we pulled up to the correct spot, it was an absolute zoo for the next few hours!

The fan support was incredible. With COVID taking over the last year and a half, it made it that much more special to finally get out and meet some of the most loyal podcast listeners in the country for the first time in a long time. This show would not be possible without the overwhelming support by the AWL's.



The rest of our evening consisted of separate itineraries. Big Cat, PFT, and a few friends had some business to take of...

Stay tuned for what went down there. As for Billy and I, it was a solid bonding night out for some dinner and, of course, more Coors Light (responsibly).

The #GritWeek21 Tour wraps up tomorrow. We have some business to take care of here in Buffalo (insert eyeball emojis here) before heading back to New York City. Until then, take a look at Billy's attempt to eat 10 of the hottest wings out there in a video that dropped last night:



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