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Lance Lynn Threw His Belt At Umpire During Spider Tack Check, Umpire Shockingly Did Not Like It

If this turns into some big deal it'll be completely ridiculous, but at the same time Lynn prob shouldn't do that. I know it's a pain in the fucking dick to get checked by the umpires after LABORING through 4 innings and 100+ pitches or w/e it was, but don't throw shit at the ump. I don't THINK he'll get in trouble for it, and I don't think he should get in trouble for it, but at the same time I can see MLB being little bitches about this and popping him for a fine or even a 5 gamer. I doubt it and hope not, but wouldn't be shocked. That said.... he could prolly use the breather. Big ol bastard has labored his last few starts. Get Los healthy and pop Lynn on the IL with shoulder fatigue too. Need his best shit for October