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It is Downright INSANE How Hard It Is To Get From NYC To Atlantic City

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A very apropos gif to use at the top of the blog because Atlantic City is in absolute shambles right now. It's also sort of just a depressing place to go. The boardwalk is gross, the hotels are crusty, and the live poker scene there is in distress. Shit, we don't even have a PENN casino there, so there's really no reason to go.

But next weekend my pals in OAR are playing a show down there. And I want to go. Plus I want to gamble, obviously. But the problem with Atlantic City, despite being relatively close to New York City, is a pain in the god damn ass to get to. There is so much money and wealth and young kids in finance looking to blow their wad at the blackjack table, but to get there you have to jump through more hoops than Lassie. 

1) There's no ferry to AC, which is nuts. Think about how many rich folk would jump on a ferry for the weekend? You can take a ferry to Nantucket, the Cape, and the Vineyard, but not to Atlantic City. A huge miss in the nautical travel world.

2) Possibly the craziest thing is there isn't even a direct train to AC either. You can like, take a train to Philly and then transfer to a bus or something, which takes a cool 4 hours. How is there no way to take an Amtrak to AC from the city?!?! As a man in tight pants once said, buh-nan-as. Buhnanas! 

3) You can drive, but whomst amongst us in NYC has a car? And who wants to deal with driving not only in NYC, but then also dealing with New Jersey drivers? I guess you could rent a car, but have you seen prices to rent a car? You might as well bite the bullet and do option 3….

4) Helicopter. No joke, chartering a Blade chopper with your buddies is one of the more reasonable options. Sure, you have to have expendable income and understand that you are being excessive, but traveling by copter if you have a group of 6-10 is super fast and convenient. No tolls, no traffic, and just a slight chance you end up in the Atlantic Ocean. Pricey? Yes. But if time is money and money is time, and you want to take cool pictures for IG, it's a pretty solid option. 

And that's all the options. Oh wait…there is one more. Option 15,329,393….

15,329,393) Greyhound bus. It is the cheapest and one of the only realistic ways on a budget to get from the city to AC. And you wonder why rich people don't go to Atlantic City? Because rich people don't fuck with Greyhound buses. No offense to my bus homies out there, but the majority of bus experiences are dreadful. I don't want to get into specifics, but I've taken the bus to and from AC countless times and I'd say 95% of the time I was praying for a comet to send us the way of the dinosaurs. 

If I'm the mayor of Atlantic City, I break my back to try and get the rich people in NYC down to my hotels and casinos every weekend. It is amazing to me they are allowing their city to become a ghost town instead of turning it into a hot-spot destination for people who want to party on weekends. It's in such close proximity to New York fucking City and they act like they are in the middle of Kansas, it's inconceivable. Hey AC- figure it out.

And if you know a guy at Blade, tell them to DM me! I don't want to be caught on a bus.



PS: We had Chris Moneymaker on the podcast yesterday. Awesome dude. Give it a sub and a listen if you would.