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John Mayer's New Music Video Is An Acid Trip

John Mayer released his 5th music video from his latest Album - Sob Rock. The song is Wild Blue and the music video is well… wild. 

There's not much to the music video, but it's John Mayer in front of a green screen doing what he does best laying pipe playing guitar. This video is similar the New Light music video (the first video from the album) but with a higher budget and everyone involved took shrooms.

Wild Blue is a simple music video that's pleasant to watch, and seeing JM perform the guitar solo towards the end only gets me more excited to see him live when he comes to Madison Square Garden in February. My only problem with the video is the incredibly creepy singing mud mask people … 

If you're enjoying this video how it should be enjoyed on substances you don't need to have a panic attack like you're playing the Scary Maze Exorcist Game on Ebaum's World.