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WWE Made a Kid With Cancer's Dream Come True By Giving Him a WWE Contract

WWE doing WWE things. Just always going out of their way to make kids’ dreams come true. Truly remarkable how they always seem to hit home runs when it comes to things like this. They don’t half ass it. They really want to make these kids have a unforgettable experiences. Signing a contract in the middle of the ring in front of 15,000 fans, just unreal.

(Quick talk about Raw last night)

The first 45 minutes of Raw last night was incredible. The Roddy Piper tribute followed by a great Seth Rollins promo where he basically put himself over as a face because he couldn’t stop talking about how he broke John Cena’s nose and the crowd was going bonkers. (His eventual face turn should be lots of fun, especially because they’ll start allowing him to expand his move-set in ring to include more of the flips and ultra-athletic things he’s capable of. They don’t let him do them right now because when you’re the top heel, doing all the cool moves makes you way too popular.)

Now as for his match with Neville, it was awesome. There was the split second where Neville got the 3 count where I actually did think Raw was going to do something shocking and take the title away from Rollins during the first match on Raw. The crowd was going insane, it would have been one of the biggest moments on Raw in the last 5 years. But WWE isn’t ballsy enough to do that anymore. It would have been one of the coolest, most unexpected moments, right up there with Rollins’ cash-in at Mania. But they don’t really have big moments happen on Raw anymore. That’s why the 3 hour show isn’t must-watch anymore. You can usually just as easily read about the show the next day without having missed anything major. As I’ve said many times before, shortening the show and making it all action packed, as opposed to having it be 3 hours and full of filler would definitely be what is best for business.