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Kanye Announced His Third "Donda" Listening Party Will Take Place Next Thursday At Soldier Field

Hit the mother fuckin music - 

Kanye just took to Instagram to announce that next Thursday he'll be taking over Soldier Field for his third (and hopefully last) Donda listening party.

Tickets go on sale Friday at noon. 

The last show he did, which he live-streamed on Apple Music, was the one with all the theatrics, new songs, and a shit ton of features compared to the first one on July 22nd.

I wanna say Kanye had this all planned out from the start- launch the first listening party in Atlanta (where his mom gave birth to him). Trot out the bare-bones skeleton of the album. Lock himself in the stadium for two weeks to work on the album and fan the flames of all the hysteria that went along with that. Throw a second listening party with a souped-up second edition of "the album" featuring a murderers row of featured guests, levitate into the sky, pump iron, do a whole bunch of other crazy shit, and then announce the album is "almost done". Put it up for pre-sale online. Create more hysteria. Then announce a show in your hometown, Chicago, at one of the most famous sporting venues in the world, outdoors, in the beautiful summer weather, right on the lake. 

What a manic. But what a genius.

This show is going to be great, I just really wish that instead of hearing him play a broadcast of his album throughout the stadium as he runs around with pantyhose on his head that he'd actually perform the songs live. But beggars can't be choosers. 

Kanye's coming back to Chicago, and for that, we all win. (Unless he has Lightfoot introduce him. Which, if happens, forget everything I just wrote)